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the_xmas_larder's Journal

Mrs Beeton comes to Eljay
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The Christmas festival is a magical time of the year and provides an excellent opportunity for entertaining. Whether you're cooking for the entire extended family or just yourself, indulgent Christmas feasting is often the highlight of the day.

There is nothing quite so delightful as receiving home baked goods as gifts either. Home baked shortbread, seasonal pickles and jams, fudge wrapped in cellophane, chocolate truffles rolled in rich dark cocoa powder. Making Christmas treats as gifts are sure to be appreciated...especially when you look at the price tag on that attractively packaged 'homemade' jar of relish in the department store!

This community gathers together and collates information and advice, techniques, skills, recipes, and a wealth of ideas to help with organising every aspect of your Christmas seasonal fare.

Some of us will be experiencing Christmas in the winter, some in the summer, some will have religious traditions tied to the season, for others it's just a great opportunity for some paid leave. Whatever your personal views on the Christmas season this is not the place to debate them. Great festive food is what it's all about here, from the traditional turkey and goose to the more contemporary fusion fare.


Week1: 12th-18th Nov Intoxicating treats
Week2: 19th-25th Nov Edible gifts to give
Week3: 26th Nov-2nd Dec Cakes and cookies
Week4: 3rd-9th DecChutneys, relishes and sauces
Week5: 10th -16th Dec Sides, favourite accompaniment dishes
Week6: 17th-24th Dec The Main event, fabulous Turkeys, Hams, and Roast Beast